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Play g4 Gambit vs. Philidor with GM Misa Pap [TCW Academy]

by Chessmad
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Play g4 Gambit vs. Philidor with GM Misa Pap [TCW Academy]

g4 Gambit vs. Philidor? This is the position. Just where the Pirc Defense morphs into the Philidor Defense…






the exchange on e4

White expects the exchange on e4 but Black says he will not give even the slightest advantage to White yet. 

What do you do? 

If you are yet another chess player who hates complexity and loves playing boring positions, you might go with a standard line…

Something like 5. Bc4, eyeing the f7 square.

But if you want to set yourself apart—and take your opponent out of his opening book—as early as the 5th move…

Here’s our solution: play the Shirov’s Gambit.

That’s right.

5. g4 and… sac that pawn! 

If your opponent accepts the gift, you gain in tempo and open up a file to build up your attack on Black’s kingside.

If he does not, you push that pawn ahead and enter a very non-standard position in the Philidor Defense.

Sounds interesting? Let GM Misa Pap explain the ins and outs of this crazy yet super effective variation, the essential ideas, the move order, how to play it, and how to counter it…

… in his brand-new course, g4 Gambit vs. Philidor.

Want to know more about Philidor Defense? Look at this article as well as Everything You Need To Know About This Opening.

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g4 Gambit vs. Philidor – See the video preview:


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